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This spring, a market study assessing the impact of visual art in commercial environments is being conducted by business students at the University of St. Thomas and other business schools. Professor Timothy Murray, from the business school of University of St. Thomas, is directing the study.

The market study will focus on organizations and leadership based in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area. Based upon research studies that have found art can improve employee productivity and retention, and impact patient outcomes in healthcare, the final report will provide an indication of the awareness of art as an asset. [READ COMPLETE RELEASE]

William Kieger, CEO of General Finance and Development (OTC Markets: GFDV) and President of Corporate Art Force dba Art Force announced today that an option for additional space has been exercised in the Van Buren Building located in the NE Minneapolis Arts District……. Full News Release

Investment in website, sales and marketing and manufacturing 

William Kieger, CEO of General Finance and Development (OTC Markets: GFDV) and President of Corporate Art Force dba Art Force announced today that investments are being made in the following areas:

  • Website upgrade including art image data-base, project and design room, client, artist and sales rep account records.
  • Art Force Academy professional recruitment and learning center.
  • Expanded marketing department to increase sales leads and revenue.
  • Upgrade of production facility and equipment.

Complete release at OTC Markets


SmartArt Rotating Art Program Features 14 Local Artists at the Venue

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sep. 17, 2014 / — William Kieger, CEO of General Finance and Development (OTC Markets: GFDV) and President of Corporate Art Force dba Art Force announced today that an opening event was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, currently exhibiting 36 pieces of original art created by 14 local artists. The Minneapolis Convention Center is the first large public venue to subscribe to the SmartArt Rotating Art Program, an online marketplace providing a distribution channel for original art. The program gives any size organization the opportunity to experience original fine art created by local artists on a rotating basis for a monthly subscription fee. Read full news release.



GFD announces re-branding for Corporate Art Force.


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THIS ISSUE: GFD An Apple or Berkshire Hathaway Model?,  GFD Creative Business Center Update, Recent News.


27 Mar 2013

News Release

General Finance and Development, Inc. has announced that plans are being developed for a GFD Creative Business Center to be located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To download the PDF presentation click on the link below.



Annoucing plans for the GFD Creative Business Center, Investing in Micro Cap Stocks, New Finance Program at Corporate Art Force and the Summary of the March 7 CEO Conference Call.


General Finance & Development, Inc. (GFDV) announced today year-end results for 2012. 

The highlights are summarized below. However, we urge investors to read our 2012 Annual Report posted at and The limited information that follows in this press release is not adequate for making an informed investment judgement. 

The annual shareholder meeting has been scheduled for April 25th, 2013.

  • The Company realized a net income of $351,684 for the year-end December 31, 2012, as compared to a net income of $21,873 for the year-end 2011.
  • The Company generated $2,258,466 in revenue for the year ended December 31, 2012 as compared to $1,760,579 in revenue for the year ended December 31, 2011.
  • General and administrative expenses for the year-end December 31, 2012 were $551,827 as compared to $535,063 for the year-end 2011.
  • Total assets for the Company were $1,264,301 for 2012 year-end compared to $904,415 for 2011 year-end.
  • The Company had liabilities of $101,050 at 2012 year-end compared to $92,848 in liabilities at 2011 year-end.
  • Current liabilities were $99,289 at year-end 2012 compared to liabilities of $80,954 2011 year-end. Current assets exceeded current liabilities by a multiple of 9 at 2012 year-end.
  • Long term debt excluding current maturities was $1,761.
  • Company book value increased by $.08 per share in 2012 over 2011.

Complete News Release

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