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Events & News

General Finance and Development, Inc. (OTC Markets: GFDV) announced today that the company will continue to purchase outstanding shares of its common stock. The program implemented during the 2nd quarter of 2016 initially was for shareholders holding fewer than 100 shares. (Read entire release).


Corporate Art Force LLC (dba Art Force) just launched Art Force Academy, a new online learning community that offers resource libraries, webinars, white papers, lectures and much more for continuing education in the commercial artwork services industry.

Open enrollment for Art Force Academy begins now and the program will go live Monday April 18, 2016.

Art Force Academy offers three distinct programs: An Art Enthusiasts Program, an Art Consultant Certification Program, and an Artist Entrepreneur Program. [Read Complete Press Release]

General Finance and Development, Inc. (OTC Markets: GFDV) announced today year end results for 2015.

The highlights are summarized below. However, we urge investors to read our reports posted at and The limited information that follows in this press release is not adequate for making an informed investment judgment.

The highlights for the year end 2015 include:

Several milestones for the development of a national distribution model for Art Force including.

  • Website data-base and project room tools.
  • Strategic SEO and website content.
  • Addition of key marketing staff.
  • Additional space for the purpose of expansion.

[Read complete release]

Corporate Art Force LLC (dba Art Force) and The Creative Center at University Settlement (dba The Creative Center) have launched a unique partnership featuring the artwork of people who know healthcare best: professional artists living with illness. Using a social enterprise model, the partnership makes a compelling collection of artwork created by artists with illness available for purchase to hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporations and individuals, while supporting the Creative Center’s program to promote healing and growth through art. [Read complete release]

15 Dec 2015

GFD Announces Development Milestones

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General Finance and Development, Inc. (GFD) believes in investing in the creative spirit by providing alternative financing and business development services to creative entrepreneurs and their ventures. 

GFD announced today the achievement of key milestones for a wholly owned subsidiary, Corporate Art Force (aka Art Force). [Read More]

The highlights for the 3rd quarter 2015 include the development of a national distribution model for Corporate Art Force, (dba Art Force). Development is continuing with several milestone achievements to be announced in the coming weeks. [Read complete release]

20 Aug 2015

Creative Economic Development Study Completed

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This summer GFD subsidiary Art Force sponsored A Creative Economic Development Study assessing the impact of visual art in commercial environments.

The information compiled from Twin Cities business leaders who participated in interviews conducted by college students majoring in business and art has been integrated into a 32 page report.

The Creative Economic Development Study helps quantify the opportunities in the marketplace for both art- related professionals and organizations who utilize their creativity to improve their work environments.

[Read the complete news release]

Creative Economic Development Study

13 Aug 2015

GFD Announces 2015 2nd Quarter results

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The highlights for the 2nd quarter 2015 include a 140% increase in net profit compared to the 2nd quarter of 2014. (Read complete release)

This spring, a market study assessing the impact of visual art in commercial environments is being conducted by business students at the University of St. Thomas and other business schools. Professor Timothy Murray, from the business school of University of St. Thomas, is directing the study.

The market study will focus on organizations and leadership based in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area. Based upon research studies that have found art can improve employee productivity and retention, and impact patient outcomes in healthcare, the final report will provide an indication of the awareness of art as an asset. [READ COMPLETE RELEASE]

William Kieger, CEO of General Finance and Development (OTC Markets: GFDV) and President of Corporate Art Force dba Art Force announced today that an option for additional space has been exercised in the Van Buren Building located in the NE Minneapolis Arts District……. Full News Release


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